Tips to Winterize Your Home

November 7, 2017

Tips for Winterizing your home

Many of these tasks can be done yourself by checking YouTube for instructional videos.

  • Heating system – Have a technician service your heat pump or furnace to make sure it is operating efficiently and there are no leaks in the ductwork.
  • Program your thermostat to run at a cooler temperature during the day while you are at work or at night when you sleep.
  • Windows and Doors – Check for drafts. Caulk around exterior window frames if you have small gaps.  Add weather stripping to exterior doors if you have any drafts and make sure the gasket at the bottom seals tightly. Make sure all windows lock and seal tightly.
  • Reverse your Ceiling fans – Run blades so that it pushes hot air down, since hot air rises.
  • Add insulation in your Attic – The minimum insulation should be 12 inches. You can buy insulation and install yourself or hire a professional to “blow in” additional insulation.
  • Remove water hoses from exterior faucets, buy faucet insulators from a hardware store to cover the faucet. Put hoses in the garage to prolong the life of the hose.
  • Make sure rain and snow drain away from the house to avoid puddling which can cause foundation problems. The ground should slope away from the house.
  • Clean gutters so snow and water can drain and not back up behind shingles and leak into the roof.
  • Buy a snow shovel or ice scraper now, if you need one before they are all gone. Keep walkways clean to avoid slip and fall accidents by family, friends or delivery drivers.
  • Check all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working correctly.
  • Trim overgrown branches that could do damage to the roof or siding. They will sag much more when they are wet and frozen and blown around by the wind.